Reticular Activating System

The other name of the RAC is the extrathalmic control modulatory system. The RAC is a set of nuclei connected in the brain. The RAC works in conjunction with the law of attraction and the law of attraction would probably not work without the RAC. The RAC plays a very important function in the human body such as breathing, sleeping, waking, and also in the beating of the heart. As we all know the brain have to perform various types of complex functions so it requires various parts to execute that function so the RAC is one of the important parts of the function.

The RAC has two portions one is the RAC ascending which is connected to the cortex, hypothalamus and the thalamus and the other one is descending reticular activating system which is connected to the nerves both plays very important role in the human body. If there is any type of disorder in the RAC then the sleep and waking cycle has been disturbed. The RAC controls the cycle of sleep and waking, eating and sex but the most important function of the RAC is to maintain the consciousness. The RAC also works as a filter. During sleep the working of RAC is reduced and as it increases during the wakefulness. The another important role of RAC is also dreaming.

If there is any damage in the RAC then it can lead to “Coma” and mostly the RAC is damaged in a road accident and also chemical and drugs can damage the RAC. The RAC connects the lower brain to the upper brain so in other words it works as a bridge to connect two regions. Some of the parts of reticular activating systems are Tegmentum, Dorsal hypothalamus, reticular formation in the mid-brain, Mesencephalon and Thalamic Intralaminar Nucleus.

Reticular Activating System : An Embedded Weapon in humanbody to achieve success

Reticular activating system senses the things around us and sorts them out. There are so many things in our daily routine which are to be considered and which are not to be considered. These are categorized by the Reticular activating system.

If something good occurs in your life that is treated as positive e.g. meeting of an old best mate whom you’ve lost contact with etc., and similarly If you’re thinking something negative in the mind or something bad happens in your life e.g. someone ditches you, then these are informed to you by the Reticular activating system to make you realize the presence of either positive or negative impact.
The best part of this part of reticular activating system is if you really concentrate on what you want to focus then you will find that everything is at your presence whatever you want is with you.

But as long as categorization and focus is considered there are always opportunities which become passing clouds because of these. This system even works functionally and properly at sleep times. Few doctors even believe that the dreams that we get while we are asleep are because of the impact of positives and negatives over a short period of time interval it may be from few minutes to few months.

The reticular activating system can even make the larger problem seem smaller and smaller achievement even larger. If we focus on something which seems very fascinating or important to us then the smallest achievement in such a field can make us visualise as a biggest achievement similarly if a bigger problem occurs to us in the field where we don’t really concentrate on that bigger problem looks smaller. But realisations of these effects are also taken up by the reticular activating system.
You can evolve yourself once you understand about the basic reticular activating system. You can gain a huge success and empower yourself with the weapon that is embedded inside the human body but beware that constant focusing on negative things may eventually end you up being bad or causing a negative impact.

Functions Of The Reticular Activating System

Every function that a human being performs, consciously or unconsciously, is controlled by some section of the brain. Reticular activating system is an important part of a human being’s brain that exercises great influence over cognitive capabilities. It is made up of neural fibers that run though the brain and a network of neurons. Studies have revealed that this system is responsible for several functions related to awareness.

The most important reticular activating system function is regulation of the transition from sleep and wakefulness. The electrical activity in the brain is different when a person is asleep and when awake. Thus, the reticular activating system mediates the reversible physiological change involved in transitioning from the deep sleep state to wakefulness.

The reticular activating system is also involved in mediating the shift from a state of relaxed wakefulness to a period of high attention. Additionally, the reticular activating system functions as a filter to dampen the effect of stimuli such as loud noises. This helps to prevent overloading of the senses of a human being.

The reticular activating system is also seen to play a key role in dreaming. Scientists have observed through brain scans and other electronic equipment that the activity in this part of the brain is greatly reduced when a person is in deep sleep. However, the level of the activity in the reticular activating system is same as that is seen during wakefulness when a person is in the rapid eye movement state of sleep. Dreams occur when a person is in rapid eye movement state of sleep.

The reticular activating system is responsible for many other functions as well. It supplies integrated response to the stimuli received from outside and helps to pin point a specific fact through detailed thought. Coordination of actions related to eating, walking and sexual functions are also carried out by the reticular activating system.

Significance of Reticular Activation System

Reticular activation system is a powerful tool that is present in the brain and helps in accessing the programs for achieving success. RAS or reticular activation system helps in fulfilling the goals and also directs the concentration towards the goal. This acts as a filter and removes all the unnecessary things from brain. It takes the important information and sorts out the similar patterns that are already present in the brain.

RAS can be reprogrammed in searching your goal exactly . Firstly the goal which you have prepared in the brain should be crystal clear and have some emotional attachment. Then take some persistent and consistent actions to send the message to sub conscious brain. For this you have to spare some time in visualizing the goals.Reticular activation system is an excellent tool used to filter the useful information in the brain and tryto achieve it. If your mind is filled with negative things every time, then the RAS in the brain finds the related information and makes the information crystal clear.

The main significance and beauty of reticular activation system is to focus on the important things and evade the useless things. RAS is similar to camera in brain and makes things to appear as bigger than the original position. This system is closely related to visualization of the success clearly and the brain filters the information that is not useful in serving you. The RAS empowers you to make the things clear in brain with help of visualization. The whole attitude starts changing and you can experience the real happiness, love, success and other beautiful feelings. RAS is a tiny part in the brain but serves an important job. RASis programmed by sub conscious mind and not through conscious mind. RAS acts as a gatekeeper in sending a new memo and figure out the instructions that are received before itself.

Some Information On Ascending Reticular Activating System

The reticular activating system refers to a part of the brain in mammals. It is located at the stem of the brain. It is believed that reticular activating system plays a key role in controlling many important functions such as sleep and wakefulness, breathing, beating of heart, behavioral motivation, etc. A trauma caused to this part lead to coma and many other medical conditions.

The reticular activation system has two parts. These are the ascending and the descending reticular activating system. The ascending reticular activating system is connected to the cortex, the thalamus, as well as the hypothalamus. On the other hand, the descending reticular activating system is connected to the cerebellum and the nerves that are responsible for various senses.

A study was conducted on cats to demonstrate as to how wakefulness can be produced from sleep. Two separate areas of the cat’s brainstem were used: the ascending somatic as well as auditory pathways and another path that had no connection with any parts of the human body. The latter pathway was given the name ascending reticular activating system.

For the humans to exhibit normal conscious behavior, arousal and awareness are important. Whereas arousal refers to human being’s level of wakefulness and determines the ability to sense the events happening in the environment surrounding the person, awareness refers to the person’s capability to attend to the environment. Thus, consciousness is awareness about the events happening around a person and his/her response to them.

Consciousness is a brain function, particularly of the area referred to as the ascending reticular activating system. Any disruption to the ascending reticular activating system can result in a loss of consciousness. It is believed that a major cause of consciousness loss because of accidents is due to the trauma that the ascending reticular activating system is subjected to. Though other areas of the brain can also be associated with impairment of consciousness, most often the ascending reticular activating system is seen to be involved.

Reticular Activation System: Why Is It So Important For The Body?

Reticular Activation System is also called as extrathalmic control modulatory system. It is a set of connected nuclei in the brain of vertebrates. It is responsible for regulation of sleeping and wakefulness patterns in humans. It is placed in the reticular formation of the brain. There are two portions of the Reticular Activation system and both are equally important for the body. The ascending part connects to different parts of the brain including the cortex, and the descending part connects to the cerebellum and is responsible for various senses of the body. Due to its evolutionary importance, this area of the brain still functions during inhibitory periods of hypnosis. This system has much clinical relevance.

Regarding the disorders of Reticular Activation System, there are alterations in patient’s sleep wake cycle and disturbances in arousal patterns. Several disorders are associated with the disruption of this system such as Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Post – Traumatic Stress disorders, and REM behavior disorder. Excessive daytime sleep disorders like necrolepsy, progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), chronic fatigue syndromes, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit disorders (ADD)  can also occur with disruption of Reticular Activation System.

Sometimes due to damage of Reticular Activation System, a coma may result, as it is located at the back of the head. This area is most prone to damage in automobile accidents. Drugs and chemical can also affect the Reticular Activation System. Many Psychotropic drugs directly affect this system. Melatonin also affects this area of the brain very much. Some researchers have suggested, selective depression of this system may cause anesthetic effects. But there is not enough evidence to support this statement and until now it is a point of contention between the experts. Some researchers also support some evidence of relationship between RAS and pain but they are still not justified.

Reticular Activation System seems to play an important role in dreaming. The activity of this area is very much reduced during deep sleep. It also plays its role in other functions of the body like walking, sex, eating and elimination. Its most important function is to control consciousness. In addition, it also acts as a filter as it dampens down the effect of repeated stimuli such as loud noises. In this way, it helps to prevent the senses from being overloaded. In human biology, Reticular activation system play a role in many important functions and damage to it may result in serious loses which cannot be restored.

Reticular Activating System: The Power Inside

Reticular activating system is a miniscule part of the brain that in spite of the minuteness plays a major role in controlling your sleep, your muscle actions, your focus, your breathe and your heart beat. The importance of reticular activating system lies on its capability to mechanize human’s awareness, motivations and focus towards things. This miniscule human part is in-charge of achieving your dreams and desires in your life.

Reticular activating system is also involves in sorting out the important from the unimportant information that our brain received. Millions of ideas and billions of information are strained and modified by this minute part so we will not be backlogged, hanged or overloaded with information. Comatose patients are results of the damage of the reticular activating system which is usually harmed due to its location that is really adjacent and prone to accidents. Since it is in-charge of the consciousness of humans, once it is injured or incapacitated, coma is one of its drastic effects. It can also be damaged through continuous use of abusive drugs and harmful medicines.

This small part of the brain is said to have a special power that the mastery of this focusing skill would lead to the attainment of goal, dreams and desires. Reticular activating system is viewed as the power inside. A small power contained in the brain that a correct usage shall lead to huge amassing of fortune. There have been testimonials and reviews that suggest and attest to this fact. Some even offered tips that can be employed for this skill mastery to be of effective usage. You have to just focus on things that you desire and make it possible for your body and your reticular activating system to work hand in hand in transforming a focused idea into physical achievement of your dreams.

This reticular activating system should be made known to each and every one of us. Proper dissemination of information is vital for this seemingly unpopular part of the brain to become widely known and recognized. Since comatose patient poses one danger issue on us, it should be made identified that reticular activating system shall be taken good care. It is also a nice twist to add the power it seems to exude. I see no bad effect if only we try mastering the skill. Focusing your mind and body no doubt would create a favored result and achievement for us. Why not give it a shot? There is no losing, so try the power inside.