The other name of the RAC is the extrathalmic control modulatory system. The RAC is a set of nuclei connected in the brain. The RAC works in conjunction with the law of attraction and the law of attraction would probably not work without the RAC. The RAC plays a very important function in the human body such as breathing, sleeping, waking, and also in the beating of the heart. As we all know the brain have to perform various types of complex functions so it requires various parts to execute that function so the RAC is one of the important parts of the function.

The RAC has two portions one is the RAC ascending which is connected to the cortex, hypothalamus and the thalamus and the other one is descending reticular activating system which is connected to the nerves both plays very important role in the human body. If there is any type of disorder in the RAC then the sleep and waking cycle has been disturbed. The RAC controls the cycle of sleep and waking, eating and sex but the most important function of the RAC is to maintain the consciousness. The RAC also works as a filter. During sleep the working of RAC is reduced and as it increases during the wakefulness. The another important role of RAC is also dreaming.

If there is any damage in the RAC then it can lead to “Coma” and mostly the RAC is damaged in a road accident and also chemical and drugs can damage the RAC. The RAC connects the lower brain to the upper brain so in other words it works as a bridge to connect two regions. Some of the parts of reticular activating systems are Tegmentum, Dorsal hypothalamus, reticular formation in the mid-brain, Mesencephalon and Thalamic Intralaminar Nucleus.

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